Friday, February 7, 2014

Quark is the son of the Jew god Jehovah somewhere in the World. The Israeli Air Force must be flipping cartwheels right now in their Egyptian skies.

Waiting for the old Jesus people to die so he can move into the Sultan's Palace.

"The child will be cursed as a broad if he was baptized in Devil Jordan water," says Merlin of Finland.


The tent flags of Cirque Du Soleil are Quebec National Flags. The Monkey Sun King of France, the Lune son of the Vatican, Louis XIV, is the King of the French speaking world, in their Nazi Jude Silver-Gold lining playbook game of world thrones. Puppet Game Master, Vizier to the Throne of England, Aleister Crowley is their Nuit, Throne of Darkness and Evil, 15.

The music of the stream.

Le Circus Finland Butterfly. The Circus of the monkey Jew lives in Quebec.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FBI Agent Soloman Temple is seen raping a minor on the Internet. Should the FBI be allowed to carry guns and a penis at the same time?

If Socrates brain is to live in heaven, he reasoned that he not regenerate, therefore for Socrates to live on as a son of God/dess, Plutarch must die, again, and again, until all the faggot gods and faggot moon god lunatic Christians are dead in the world.

The Jump Speed 22 Sorority House, Alpha Tau Zeta, Flight Past the Hunger Games Temple in England, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Las Vegas.

Goddess in Emperor Jesus/Jude Chain, Snow White on the Devil Moon God, SIN, side.

CatP right breast corrected; while Goddess breast is regular. Could be genetics or Witch Disney Jesus psychotic disorder.

Solar PC population audience went up in Australia.

CatP to die for

Monday, December 30, 2013

Festival 2020 Granite From Brazil; Free Shipping; Free Cutting for select world solar clients.


Neptune's daughters and sons Pluto Temple of Heaven.

Value of Chinese Vase [$20,000] given to African House Jesus need to be deducted from Hearst Castle's budget.

China no country for old Jew WYNN Jesus Farts.

Picasso declared enemy god painter in the People Pluto Temples of Heaven.

XI-AMEIN Temple of Pluto's Daughter

☼    N-1-Pi-American


Snow Ro-Orange White and the Seven Red Dragon Dwarfs.

"Your son/daughter of Ra learning curve has come to an end in England-France-Italy-Greece, and the other Crown Jewel nations of the world," s/he says.

The Sun of Ro-Orange would like to build his Olympic Hurdle Temples in Brasilia with a peace offering to Peru.

She gave up on the Ali-tut son and the 6 Mert-Aten Satans.

Queen Rigel's throne son/sun of Coatzl God/dess.

Will the Falcon Dragon allow XYZ Air Freight Lines into Formosa without getting Russia bit on the Song.

XYZ Dragontail Air Freight Lines: We deliver to all civilized solar nations in the world. In S-T-N we trust, all Papal Crown African nations, pay in coin.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lost in the Hollywood Translation

Lost in the Hollywood Translation

Has that Malibu model look

She looks 10X Times better than Angelina Jolie, but the Jews don't have anything on her. Set her up with another Billy Bob, and she would set Hollywood on fire.

The FBI, the White House, and Congress, and the Supreme Court and the LA Times killed about 100,000 people in Hapan-Cali today. They think that that was a pretty good day for them as criminal federal enterprises go.

Trying to get a date with Hermione on the Internet

A Princess Malibu Sue

A Princess Malibu Sue

Lost in the Hollywood Translation

These French Bulldogs cost around 15-20 thousand dollars, and then you have to sign a paper saying that you can't breed them.

Who would have ever thought that Warren Beatty's character in Blowdry even 40 years later would have caused this much damage. The 2013 version of Carrie Fisher.

This is what happens when Pee-Wee Herman and the FBI take control of the Playboy Mansion.

Pin a butterfly to the Quetzalcoatl wall and get a free pass into WXYZ heaven.

The female FBI agents are going out tonight and get their clits pierced to show that they can take it just like the Jesus men.

I wonder what kind of FBI mental illness and disease this produces?

This is the spell that sent Hugh Grant and the Sheriff to the Jerusalem Wall in Hollywood.

If you invested trillions of American corporate money in China and Hong Kong thinking that the Falong Dragon was dead, you could lose it all in the British spiritual "fuck with Jet Li" marketplace."

5 out of 25 FBI recruits each year suffer from this dysfunctional sexual disease. 4 out the five are women.

Cambridge Online Dictionary