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Between the God Fortress of Casear Augustus, lies the Goddess Fortress of Alexander the Great and the W Fortress of Constantine the Great.

Three sources of occult conflict concerning the Peter Jesus Rabbit Tale of Christianity.

333 BC

  • King Alexander of Macedonia conquers western Asia Minor, subduing the hill tribes of Lycia and Pisidia.
  • King Darius III of Persia executes Charidemus, a Greek mercenary leader living in exile in Persia, for criticising preparations taken for the Battle of Issus.
  • Alexander has a great victory over the Persians in the Battle of the Issus River in Cilicia, but the Persian Emperor Darius III escapes. Darius leaves behind his wife, his two daughters, his mother Sisygambis, and much of his personal treasure. Darius' family is captured by Alexander and well treated.
  • Alexander makes one of his officers, Nearchus, satrap of the newly conquered Lycia and Pamphylia in Anatolia and he appoints his general, Antigonus, satrap of Phrygia.
  • From Issus, Alexander marches south into Syria and Phoenicia, his object being to isolate the Persian fleet from its bases and so to destroy it as an effective fighting force. The Phoenician cities of Marathus and Aradus do not resist Alexander's armies. Parmenion is sent ahead to try and secure Damascus and its rich booty, including Darius' war chest.
  • After taking Byblos and Sidon, Alexander lays siege to Tyre.
  • In reply to a letter from Darius offering peace, Alexander demands Darius' unconditional surrender.

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