Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wheel of Fortune for the Magician sun of God.

112: The homosexual snake goddess religion, the Judas gospel of a homosexual link between Judas and Jesus and a sexual link between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Currently has an Aleister Crowley Pope on the throne of the Catholic Church in Rome and on the throne of the Rabbinical Church of Jerusalem. Mel Gibson and Tom Hanks and Richard Gere are unsuspecting missionaries to this false goddess [666] religion.

The true goddess religion is the blue/white [118/119] sphinx at the top of the wheel standing ready for judgment of the person who transverses the wheel of misfortune/fortune during his or her lifetime.

25 is any devil Jehovah god or Jehovah goddess who wishes to have any Jerusalem part in the false goddess religion of the 666 throne of England, France, Jerusalem, Rome, etc.