Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Pyramid is Great, not because it represents the mortuary temple of King Gump and Queen Qump, but because it represents the mortuary temple of the GOOD Doctor and the GOOD wife, and the good souls of those born in the Fifth Sun Age of the Mayan Calendar Year of 25,800 years.

In the calendar year 2050, 37 years after the death of the Fifth Sun age, this pyramid is lifted up 20 feet into the air and then dropped to the ground, causing a God/dess earthquake in Memphis/Cairo on the scale of 8.0, causing extensive and total damage, but no deaths.  The American Christians in the death camps of Persia, China, and Europe said that the son of God has risen from the grave and will rebuild his temple in 3 days.

A Star is Reborn, Chapter iX.

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