Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Star is Reborn, Chapter i, The Arrival of the New People from the Stars [location: Death Valley, Egypt]

The Gumpback tribes of the Western Desert saw them coming, their birdlike ship appeared like a falcon, and its shiney metal feathers glistened  like the sun.  The last invaders of their primitive stone age kingdom were from the sea.  They had a King whose nose was perched like a beak on his face, and he was hag, a witch, and a warlock. He had persecuted beautiful people and took them back to his island in the sea, called Crete.  King Kronos was his name, and just his name brought fear to the ugly and old people of Egypt.  Runners were sent to the capital city in the East, Memphis, to tell Old Age King Luke, and his sons Matthew, Mark, and John that invaders were coming in from the sky into their land and Kingdom.  King Luke had a sister, and she was a co-regent in this Kingdom, but King Kronos had cursed her with his rod and his staff, and she was as ugly as a toad. But to the ugly Gumpback tribes of Egypt, she was their true Queen. The bird ship circled the Kingdom of Egypt searching for golden metal that shone golden in the desert sun.  Three days later, the ship landed on the Western shore of the Nile, across from the city of Memphis. Rather than coming in peace and offering the beautiful people who landed in Egypt fruits, drinks, and alms of peace, King Luke and his army approached the New People, the  Beautiful people, with weapons made from wood and stone.  Their hearts were brave and strong, but their hearts were no match for the defibrillator weapons that they brought with them from their Pyramid Age world.  The tribes of Egypt all fell down to their knees and worshiped the New People like they were gods and goddesses, except for their Queen, who said, "Curse you and your King, Kronos, get out of my Kingdom."  The New People smiled and dismissed her with laughs.  The Queen ran back to her mud and stone temple and cried, like she has never cried before, and the tears made her beautiful.

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