Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am changing my avatar for my next film project; The Fellowship of the Mice Clubs on Earth, not Shinto Heaven.

☼     If you didn't fall in love with Evangeline Lilly's character in the lastest Hobbit installment, you are on my fag meter. Her channel character [Fellowship of the Mice Clubs] is Cindy Mouse, a corporate worker in the corporate wormwood side of Empress Heaven [333].  She has just finished her powerpoint presentation that she is prepared to sell to The Great Her and the Great Hymn on how the sun should never set on the Greater Shinto Spiritual Empire of the world.
Basicly, she has divided up the Nipponese nation world into 9 Mice Clubs.
11: The Gay Boy Mouse Club
22: The Gay Girl Mouse Club
33: The Fellowship and Social Support             Mouse Club.
44: The Rat Club and the Hag Rat Club
55: The Wisdom, University, and Science
     Mouse Club
66: The Dating Mouse Club
77:  The Marriage Mouse Club
88:  The Old Age Mouse Club
99:  The Mouse Club of Earthly, 33, Shinto     Heaven.  

Cindy Mouse is going to explain to The Great Hymn and The Great Her that the 444 Rat Clubs and the 44 Rat Clubs on Earth are the trouble spots, and they either need to be exterminated or re-educated. In order for the education process to begin, she explains, is that all the Rat Club Movie Producers in the world need to be exterminated first.

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