Sunday, December 1, 2013

I opened up a brokerage account at Wachovia/Wells Fargo, and the brokerage firm stole over $600 from the account on a fraudulent brokerage fee transaction.

The Club Ranch Presidency government of George W Bush and the current Club Negro government of this current administration did and does not prosecute these types of white collar financial institution fraud crimes because these white collar criminals bribe public figures with hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contribution to get them into a King Kebe of Israel Presidential Yacht Club filled with criminal enterprise capitalists.  The Confederate Army of the Potomac allows online accounting rules that leave no audit trail to investigate the crime. The amount of money that is stolen from customers is in the range of 1 billion dollars each year.  The top ten percent of the wealthy in this country made up the felon class at a %70 rate.

Club Negro and Club Bush are telling you to hide your money in your mattress if you want to keep your money safe.  These Clubs have overthrown a Constitutional government of the United States, and the only solution that will help you get you money back is a Crown government of Finland or a Nazi form of government.

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