Monday, December 23, 2013

Natty Russian Beardlock: North and Imperial Japan is still Red and Green and South is Yellow and Blue.

Rasputin, Natty Beardlock, now, (Natty Dread)
Beardlock, Congo Bongo I. (Natty Dread) 
Natty Beardlock in a homosexual Babylon: (Natty Dread) 
A Beardlock Congo Bongo I. (Natty Dread) 
Eh! Children get your culture (Natty Dreadlock) 
And don't stay there in Jesus or Jester, a-ah, (Natty Dreadlock) 
Or the battle will be over (Natty Dreadlock) 
And Austin, Texas, won't give you no supper. (Natty Dreadlock) 

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