Monday, December 2, 2013

The basic requirement to be a member of the Hermetic 555 Film Society is that you have to be alive. No bat-god Jesus resurrections can be members of this society. If you have resurrected from a basic 1|0|2 trinity or church, you can be a member.

The second major requirement is that you have received honors and recognition from for a critical acclaimed source.  The Hermetic 555 Film Society is a critical acclaimed source. The Film Society has resurrected Woody Harrelson from the Jew god acting grave and brought his film image and career into greatness and fame. However, he cannot be a member of the society because he is dead. Sorry, Woody, no sane person with any spiritual self respect  would play a drunk in a dead-end spiritual movie role. Furthermore, you cannot be a member if you are a member of a 4|0|4 Jewish or Christian or Islamic Church or Temple.  Also, you cannot be a member of a 2|0|3 Church, a gay boy Church. If Judas is your lORD AND SAVIOR, your 3|0|2 Church membership is not accepted.  An 3|0|2 Empress Church of Japan is accepted, but the Emperor of Japan has made your church radioactive. You need to keep a watch on him before he kills himself.  He and his government could be dangerous to you and your temple without 1|0|2 protection and help.

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