Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Gospel Blue Mountain Working Mojo Dance Band. CARVING NIGGER NIXON for Christmas.

Christianity is a minority report religion, as all world faith religions. Christianity does not have billions of followers. A billion delusional dumb-ass Nubians slaves to a merchantile holiday on December 25 is their non-majority numbers.

If CIA pays their recruited spies from Russia and Germany and Japan more money that our fucking asshole President, what does that say about Christmas in America. It says that X-mas is for sale; X-mas is a White House whore; X-mas is just icing on a ding-a-ling Hunger Games cake.  

Quote the White House nigger, "Nevermore."
"This is also a time to remember the story of a child born to two faithful travelers on a holy night, long ago.
"The sacred birth of Jesus Christ was God's gift to man on Earth. And through his example, he taught us that we should love the Lord, love our neighbors, as we love ourselves. It's a teaching that has endured for generations. And today, it lies at the heart of my faith and that of millions of Americans, and billions around the globe.
"No matter who we are, or where we come from, or how we worship, it's a message of hope and devotion that can unite all of us this holiday season. It compels all of us to reach out and help our less fortunate citizens — our poor, our sick, our neighbors in need — and to serve those who sacrifice so much on our behalf.
"And that's why tonight's celebration benefits the Children's National Medical Center and all the children whose lives they touch and save — including all the little elves who are here tonight.
"And that's why, with our men and women in uniform serving far from home, in harm's way, we thank them as well and their families, and we wish — this holiday season and all seasons — for peace on Earth.
To all Americans, from our family to yours — God bless you, and have a very Merry Christmas."

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