Sunday, December 22, 2013

The LMN State Church of Hawaii and the OPQ State Church of Russian: Taking a page off of the New York Time: Should Rasputin Begonia Obama have the BOMB?

I am suspecting that Obama is unstable right now. He is making statements that show that he is a liar, but instead of saying, "my bad," he just goes on in his deluded psychotic belief that there are billions of people in the world that worship Disneyland Jesus.  Should the State Church of Russian, OPQ, and the State Church of Hawaii, LMN, take his Disney Jesus toy away from him and give him a spanking that is going to be heard all around the world, even deep into the forests of Thailand? I am holding back the RST Church of the Jaguar right now to keep them from turning him into a spotted white and back dalmatian dog.

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