Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Low Priestess and The Low Priest Producers of English Dune II have indirectedly approached me and offered me, Aki, Agent 001, a Hollywood movie deal. The wanted me to take over the high end of their box office failure, 43. It was a 100 million dollar deal, but I turned it down. It is an insult to respected Hollywood actors to be called a low 13 ocean whore and a low-land 13 prick, or a high 26 ocean whore and a high 26 low-land prick on film. Does the name of Jehovah [26X4 = 104] sound familar to the CIA or Lionsgate Film? "Shoot a Hobbit and save the world," is what I say. "The Saga of the Seven Suns of Egypt" sounds like a good "save your bacon" movie project to me. What does High Ocean Commander Cindy Crawford say to that project?

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