Thursday, December 19, 2013

The World Masonic Lodge XYZ Temple, The Tenth Sun of the World, in 360 degrees of Rotation, 720 in the Reverse Image Magician Rotation, 280 degrees in the offset rotation.

We do not come before the world to condemn the VX Church of Rome, nor do we praise it.  We come to tell you that the Chuch of Rome is a Devil Church that is enslaved by the Church of Jerusalem, both in its current and past King Herod baggage. In 333 AD, the Pharoah of the Heavens saw fit to give the Christians peace in Rome and told his messenger of peace to go the now modern city of Instanbul and tear down the ions of a crucified mouse from their temple walls.  The Pharoah of the heavens later imbedded this faith with the faith of Islam and now the faith of Islam is imbedded with the faith of the Masonic Lodge Temple, The Egyptian Eagle-Falcon nest of the most Masonic Lodge, heavenly Temple high.

A Jew homosexual lawyer for the prosecution told me in a Wake County Courthouse that when you post a joke on the Internet, legally, everyone in the world sees it. I have just posted Jesus, the goddess Jew God of the world, as the biggest laugh of the Egyptian and Chinese ages.

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